Below is a copy of Home Spy's New Wifi Digital Covert P2P software and manual.













Please note: This camera IS WIRELESS, the network cable is needed only for an initial setup.


(Setup Overview)

1. Place and power the camera near your router and connect the network cable to your router.

2. Refer to this manual and engage the WiFi wireless mode.

3. Remove the network cable and place it at your desired location within the same network.

If you cannot access the CD or for most updated manual & software, please go to:


(Central Monitoring Software for PC)
Do not update the software version after the installation.
Upgrading the software version may cause error. One on the CD and the link is the latest version.

(Android App)

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“Thanks you for purchase. We hope this unique covert WiFi camera will serve your need well.”


- Watch the camera live via smart phones, PC and other tablets.

- Record 24/7 on to your HD using a PC. Our camera can record reliably using schedule and motion detection.
- Set-up easily without any network knowledge.
- Wireless, no network cable necessary.


1. Connect the camera to your router


- Make sure your router is ON and has connection to internet.
- Connect the IP camera to your router via network cable and plug-in the power supply for the camera.
- Green & Orange network light on the camera will turn ON, wait about a minute for the camera to be configured automatically with our set-up server.  

* Network cable can be removed later after the initial set-up is done. (see2.6)

2. Smart Phone Set Up (images may vary) for PC set-up, skip to STEP 3.

2.1 Using App Store, or Google Play, download and install following apps : “ismartsee-C” & “barcode scanner”
This is a newest version camera and it may not be available yet in Google Play (A & B version will not work)

Please use the app program included in the CD or download from:

2.2 Run the App and click on “add new camera”
2.3 Click “scan ID”, (fig.1) and point the smart phone towards the UID sticker on the camera or on the box.

2.4 After a “beep” sound, the UID is scanned in successfully (fig.2). You can also input the UID manually
2.5 Input default username: “admin”, pw should be left blank, hit “OK” (fig.3)
If your smart phone’s wifi is ON and within the same network, you can click “search” to add the camera.

The default user name is: admin & pw:(none, blank, empty….)



After the set up is complete, you must make the password!!! If anyone get hold of your UID code and use the default PW, they can access the camera!!!!
If you forget the PW, press the reset button for 10 sec while the camera is ON to reset to the factory default. If you change the PW on one device, the camera will be offline for other devices and will not be accessible. You must delete the camera and add again for other devices.


2.6 Wireless (Wi-Fi) Set-up and disconnecting network cable

Click on the icon on the right of the camera. Click on “Setting” and “WiFi Setting”, then the Router list will pop up. Choose the router that the camera is connected and input your WiFi password, click “Done”. Then unplug the camera’s network cable, the camera will restart, and it will automatically connect via WiFi.

Rest of the features are self explanatory. Please feel free to experiment with different settings and features yourself. See “Other Features” and “Q & A” section of this manual for more information.

The App was designed to cover many other different camera models; therefore there are functions in the app that your camera will not support.


They are:

- Audio

- Speaker


- SD card recording and playback



(following are functional but we do not support it)

- e-mail notification

- Viewing with browser (use port:81) see: Sec 7.0 For more detail

3. CMS Software Set-Up (PC only, Mac is not supported)


Warning: When you install the software and start for the first time, it will ask to upgrade to a newer version, DO NOT UPGRADE!!! The camera already comes with the latest version and by upgrading it will change to a different version that will not work with our cameras. We are working to fix this bug, sorry for the inconvenience.

CMS software is used for more extensive viewing and recording. You can use the software on a PC within the same network or from a remote location. Your PC must be connected to the same network as the cameras or to internet for an initial set-up.

3.1 Connect the camera with network cable as shown on step#1. If your camera is already connected by WiFi wirelessly, ignore step#1 and proceed.
Insert the provided CD and double click on the following file shown on the right. Install and run the program.
3.2 Click on “Search & Add Camera” button.
3.3 Click on “Find”. If you are in a remote location, type in the UID code & PW manually and hit OK.

3.4 Camera UID will appear, if not, hit “refresh” until it does. Highlight the UID and hit OK.

3.5 UID will now show on the screen. Make sure PW is empty and hit OK. Once again, erase all dots for PW.

3.6 Right click on the main screen and select “start”

3.7 camera display will appear. To add more cameras, hit the quad button (1) and choose “+” sign (2).

3.8 Repeat step:#3.3. Highlight the UID that is in black (grey colored UID has already been setup). Hit :”OK”.

3.9 Right click on the next quadrant and select “start”. Repeat the process to add more cameras.


4.0 Wireless (Wi-Fi) Set-up
If your camera is still connected via network cable, follow the next steps to make it wifi-wireless.
4.1 Right click on the camera image and select “camera options” 4.2 Hit ”Set Wifi” button, following screen will appear:

4.3 1) Hit “Search signals” if it fails, click it again.
2) All wireless routers that are within the range of the IP camera will appear. Choose your wireless router that is connected to the camera. 3) Click on ”Set”

4.4 Input the password for your wireless router. Double check for error and hit “OK”
4.4 Disconnect the network cable, video will freeze, wait about a minute until the video comes back live wirelessly.



Please note, following massage is generic and will be displayed even if a wrong password for the router is used. If the cameras display is frozen well over 1 min, it’s most likely due to the incorrect WiFi password. Please reconnect the cable and repeat the process.

5. Getting ready for recording
Please change the directory where the video recording will be stored in your hard drive. You will need to delete the default directory and add a new directory where the videos will be stored.

a: “Record”= numbers of days where recorded files will be retained by manual or schedule recording.

b: “Alarm”= numbers of days where recorded files will be retained by motion detection recording.

For example: if you set to 7 days, any recordings that are older than 7 days will be erased automatically to save the hard drive space.

Please uncheck the following features..


6.0 Setting up for recording

- Schedule and Continuous Recording
You can set up multiple brackets of times to record during designated days.

1. Click on the following buttons from the “camera options” menu.
Select continuous recording and hit “OK” if you wish to record 24 hours a day.

2. Select the time and days you wish to record.

3. You can “add” multiple times to record.

4. Click on the “Video” button to playback or delete recordings.

You may need to lower the frame rate of the camera (5~10fs) if you have multiple cameras recording continuously to save your hard drive space and to free up network bandwidth. No matter how fast your network may be, it’s not likely that you will achieve full 25f/s throughout the day. Test your camera and see what the average frame rate may be. Change the frame rate of the camera accordingly thus freeing up bandwidth for more stable connection.

Please see sec 7.0

- Motion Detection Recording

Motion detection recording is one of many functions among alarm feature. Alarm is triggered when pixel movement within the video is detected. This also means that the detection range is infinite. No matter how far the moving object might be, as long as it is big enough to move pixels in a display, will trigger the alarm.

1. Click on the following buttons from the “camera options” menu.

2. Select the days and times of alarm and hit “OK”

3. Click on “Camera parameter” then click on “Get” button.

4. Click on the followings and enable motion detection. Hit “OK”

5. Use “Alarm” button to review the recording.

                                                                                                        Note* Sensitivity 1 is highest and 10 is lowest.

7.0 Fine tuning your camera

You will need to access the camera using a browser if you wish to change other settings such as frame rate, resolution, color etc…
1. Right click on the video and choose camera option
2. Hit “find”
3. This is the IP address for your camera

4. Using any browser, input the IP address + :81 on the URL section of the browser.
5. Authentication window will pop-up. User name is “admin” and no pw (as default)

6. Choose live-stream mode or video stream mode.
7. Now you can change the settings.

Other Features and Notes for CMS Software



It’s important to note that all settings such as motion detection, flip image, alarm, resolution, etc. are stored in the camera itself, not in the software or your phone. In other words, you can change the settings from any devices but will be applied to all devices connected.

You can move the display around the quadrants by moving the camera icons.

Please click – hold – drag the name of the camera.


You can also group the icons for your convenience.


It’s important to note that all settings such as motion detection, flip image, alarm, resolution, etc. are stored in the camera itself, not in the software or your phone. In other words, you can change the settings from any devices but will be applied to all devices connected.

Trouble Shooting


Installation CD is not accessible.
Please download from:

Android App:



Camera connects with network cable but wifi does not work.
Reason# 1. Password for your wireless router was wrong. Please check your PW, re-connect the camera with network cable and try again.
Reason# 2. Wrong encryption, make sure your wireless router wireless encryption is set to one of the following:
Reason# 3. If you are using PC CMS software to engage wifi, there is a slight chance that it may not work due to PC compatibility issue with the software. Please engage wireless mode with your Smartphone instead.
Reason# 4. If your wireless router signal is set to be hidden, you must make it public first for the camera to detect your wireless router.

Camera does not connect at all even with the network cable.

Please check the power adapter. If the power adapter is cold after connected for more than 10 min, power adapter is bad. If lights (green and orange) on the network jack for the camera do come on, unplug the power adapter and plug it again.

There is no sound.
It is not supposed to have sound. Sound is not available in a hidden camera due to the Federal Law on eavesdropping.

UID for the camera using local network is detected but video is not connecting.

Set-up server may be busy or in a process of migration, please unplug/re-plug power and try again or try next day.

Video connects wirelessly but speed is very slow.
Stop he camera and start again to refresh the bandwidth that is designated for the camera. Also make sure your wireless router is new and it is wireless-N compatible. Also it may be just your internet speed being slow.

The camera video is being washed out in a hot environment.

The camera is overheating. Do not block the ventilation holes on the camera. On a compact camera such as a “power adapter camera”, you will need to reduce the frame rate to 10f/s or lower because the camera and the wifi modules are very close each other and will overheat at maximum frame rate even with the ventilation holes.

Also, it is generally a good idea not to run the camera at maximum speed since your internet will reduce the speed anyway.


PC CMS software was installed, prompted to upgrade to newer version, so did, and now it does not work.
When you install the software and start for the first time, it will ask to upgrade to a newer version, DO NOT UPGRADE!!! The camera already comes with the latest version and by upgrading it will change to a different version that will not work with our cameras. Please uninstall and re-install from CD and do not upgrade the software. We are working to fix this bug, sorry for the inconvenience.

When I click on a video file to playback, all files indicate that it is in progress of recording and cannot be played back.

This is a file directory issue. Delete all files for recording, go to the lower right corner of the screen and click on
“Storage” and delete the existing default directory for saving the files. Create a new directory on your main drive or an external drive. Only one directory please.

Records fine but it is taking up too much hard drive space.
Continuously recording a camera will take up about 30GB a day. To avoid using too much of your HD, you can do the following.
1. Record by motion detection.
2. Reduce the frame rate of the camera. It is the resolution that is important, even at 5f/s, you will not miss much at all. You can drastically save HD space by doing so.
3. Reduce the number of days to retain the video file. “Option”


My PC is in same local network(?) as the camera but when I hit “FIND”, does not detect the UID.

Please manually type in the UID.

Smartphone APP

“ismartsee-c “ app is not available in Goggle play
This is a newest version camera and it may not be available yet, A & B version will not work.
Please use the app program included in the CD or download the app from:

PW was changed by PC software, now I cannot access the camera for the app to match the PW.
You will need to delete the camera first and add again with the new PW. If still does not work, uninstall the app and re-install.

Q & A


Q: My camera came with a network cable, is it not wireless?
A: It is wireless. All WiFi wireless cameras need a network cable connection for an initial set-up because 2-way communication is required for a set-up. Then when wireless mode is engaged, cable is no longer needed.

Also, therefore, you cannot just wirelessly connect the camera to someone else’s network.

Q: How do I change the resolution and frame rate of the camera?
A: The factory default setting for the camera is at the highest resolution and frame rate. If you wish to change it, you will need to use your smart phone. The smart phone App allows 4 different resolution/speed settings.
If you require more options, please access the camera using a browser by IP address of the camera + port 81.
The ip address can be obtained on the PC software when you click on “CAMERAS OPTIONS”
“FIND” button.

Q: After set-up is done and wireless mode engaged, can I unplug the camera to move to a different room?

A: Yes, you can simply unplug the camera and plug it in at a different room within the same network. You will not need to do any set-up again. This also means that in case of power outage, the camera will function normally when power comes back on.

Q: Can I battery power the camera?
A: We do not recommend it at all. All good WiFi cameras need a consistent & permanent power source.

Q: Do you have a software for Mac?

A: Sorry no, only PC, I-phone, IOS / Android Smartphones and tablets are compatible.

Q: Can someone else tap into my camera and watch?
A: Only if they know your camera’s UID and password, otherwise it is safe. Please change your password and if you forget the password, you can reset the camera and start the set-up over. Reset button is located right near the network port. Default-pass word is (blank, none, empty….) Maximum characters for the password you can set is 12.


Q: Why do you not offer internal SD card recording or cloud server recording?
A: SD card recording is available but not reliable. SD cards are often corrupted and limited in space so you can miss important incidents. Assuming you are accessing SD card recording via internet, which can be slow and time consuming, the camera becomes busy and will stop all other functions. Also if the camera is stolen, you lose the recordings that may contain very sensitive information.
Cameras that offer cloud server recording will hit you with heavy monthly fee. Besides do you want your private video floating around the cloud??? We find that only reliable, safe and economical way to record is on to your PC that can be located anywhere there is internet. You can also record on to your Smartphone.

Q: Do I need to keep my PC ON when recording?
A: Yes. Must be ON and must be running the software (monitor can be off). If for some reason PC is rebooted, the software does have an option where the program starts automatically.


Q: Can I have the camera ON for 24 hours a day,.. every day?

A: Yes, cameras are designed to work 24/7 for years and years. Power adapters usually go out first but they are easily replaceable.


Q: What is the wireless range of the camera?
A: Due to FCC rules, all wifi devices have about the same range (about 300ft). If you can connect your laptop or a Smartphone’s WiFi from a location to your router, so can our cameras.


Q: Can the camera see at night?

A: Our cameras will work in low light conditions & with an IR lamp under total dark. Our pinhole wifi cameras are equipped with 850nM IR filter that makes it sensitive to IR. We do carry various IR lamps.
They are relatively small sized and can easily be hidden.

Q: How do you use an IR lamp with my camera?
A: Think of an IR lamp as if it’s a flash light that emits lights only visible to a camera. So the room stays dark but the camera will see the room like if there is a flash light shining upon the room. You do not need to make any connection to the camera and all you have to do is plug-in the power for the IR lamp and direct it towards the area. IR lamp themselves do glow red slightly so if you wish to hide the glow, you can place the IR lamp above a furniture where no one can see and direct it upward so IR lights bounce off the ceiling for indirect lighting.



Q: There is almost no color at sunlight and color seems little off under other lightings, why?
A: It is due to built-in IR filter which is standard for color pinhole cameras designed for indoors. 850nM IR filter greatly increase the low light capability and extremely sensitive to IR lamps for covert night vision applications. If outdoor filter would be used, colors under sunlight will look natural but all above characteristic will be lost. To satisfy both situations, mechanical filter, that actually switches between the two filters, is available for a standard cameras but not for small pinhole cameras.

Q: Do I need to keep UID sticker for future usage?
A: No, UID is permanently built-in to the camera; you can always get the information within the App and CMS software by connecting the camera to your router. However, if the sticker is removed, you cannot return the item for a refund.


Please note:


All cameras are tested before shipping. If you have any trouble with our camera, please call us.


As for replacement, repair, exchange or all other enquiries, please contact us directly.
Thanks for your understanding.


T: 214-749-4010
(M-F 10:30 ~ 4:30 CT)



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