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If you have a doorway that is not secure or a blind spot that employees might not supposed to be. Now you can keep an eye on them with this self contained, self recording exit sign. The high resolution pinhole camera has a wide 92 degree view slightly angle down in the front panel. Operation is easy, we pre program the dvr. All you need to do is add the power and it will start recording when someone walks or stands in front of it. This is a very popular product to guard dorm doors that are self locking but? All are built with Sony CCD Color Cameras. The SD mini DVR inside will hold up to 32G SD cards. All have motion activated for long hours of recording. Look below for the specifications.


Model No. HH-SD-EXIT
>Video System NTSC with Video Loss Auto Detection
>Video Codec H.264 ASF File Format Color CCD Sony Chip Set 550 Lines 0.05 Lux
>Video Record Frame Rate Max. 704x480@24 IPS / 704x576@19 IPS (NTSC / PAL)
>Video Record Quality High / Medium / Low
>Video Recording Date / Time Overlay with Video Images in ASF File
>Video Input 1 CH, Phone Jack
>Video Output 1 CH, Phone Jack
>Audio Sampling Rate 44.1 KHz ( Not Included )
>Audio Codec G.726 / 32 kbps ( Not Included )
>Audio Input 1 CH, Phone Jack ( Not Included )
>Audio Output 1 CH, Phone Jack ( Not Included )
>Storage Media Secure Digital (SD) Card Up to 32G
>Recording Mode Schedule / Motion Detection / Manual
>Motion Detection Setting Multiple Blocks and adjustable sensitivity
>Playback Function Play / Fast Forward / Fast Rewind / Pause / Step Forward / Step Rewind
>Playback Speed x1 / x2 / x4 / x8 / x16 / x32
>Power Supply Internal
>Power Consumption 2.5W max.
>Weight 3 Lbs
Remote Control Included
>Operating Environment 30~80% RH, 5C ~ 45C (41F ~ 113F)


Exit Sign Covert Camera Color w-SD-DVR 110VAC
Qty: Price: $449.95

Exit Sign Covert Camera Color w-SD-DVR 12VDC
Qty: Price: $399.00



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