DVR Cell Phone Camera

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A DVR camouflaged to look like a cell Phone! This law enforcement grade DVR has motion activation and time and data stamping. The high resolution low light hidden CCD camera is built into the top of the cell phone. Press a secret function key once you turn the covert video system on for recording and the screen of the cell phone looks like any cell phone. The HS-DVR900 can also be used as a standard pocket DVR to plug external cameras into it and record high resolution video powering the cameras of your selection.




 •  DVR Built Into Cell Phone Completely Covert And Invisible
•  Resolution: 720 X 480 @ 18fps / 640 X 480 @ 30 fps
•  Memory: 16 GB micro SC Card
•  Recording Time: up to 16 hours recording time
•  Display: 2 X 1.5 TFT LCD High Resolution Screen
•  Invisible secret function key to cell phone display while recording
•  Time And Date Stamping:YYYY/MM/DD/,HH,MM.,SS Power Supply: DC 5V rechargeable battery
•  wer To External Cameras
•  Completely Covert
•  Cell phone/ DVR With Camera


  Cell Phone/ DVR With Camera
•  Belt Clip Holder That Lets Camera Point Out
•  Battery Charge
•  Earphone Jacks
•  USB connection Cord
•  Standard RCA Jacks


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