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It's about time...a truly low-cost 

System via standard PC-Type Computer!



- Eliminate old fashion tape management expense
- Video are recorded on the system's hard disk
- User can instantly locate a clip stored on the hard disk. No longer have to waste valuable time searching through hours of videotape.

- After the economy shakedown, replace unfilled employment
  with management monitoring
- Employees are assured of safety and work on schedule
- Regional managers can monitor local office/stores remotely
- Eliminate travel to remote site
- Able to view prerecorded video remotely


Introducing the DMRS digital monitoring system, complete with software that can be installed on PC and a plug-in video card (4-cameras). When you compare the features of the DMRS to systems costing many times more, we think you will you have a product that your customers can really afford.Works with Windows xp,Vista and Windows 7.

The Easy Way to Remote Watch
from Anywhere in the World


System Specifications:

  • Digital Video Recording and 5 Ways Remote Watching
  • Support Full Screen Display Screen* and TV-out (option)
  • Up to 640 x 480 recording / display resolution with new video de-interlace technology
  • Sequential Scan among camera with 1 Cam / 4 Cam View layout.
  • Support 3 Type Recording mode: Motion Detect, Round-the- clock, or Schedule Recording.
  • Smart Recording Technology applied
  • Support MPEG4 / Wavelet Video Compression max to 300:1
  • Support Audio Recording*
  • Pre-Record Video with Motion Detect recording (record video before motion is triggered)
  • Post Record after Motion Detected. (continue to record video few seconds when motion is stoped)
  • Main system support individual camera configurations:
    Naming, Video Quality, Sensor Levels, and Recording controls…
  • Sensitivity level of Camera motion detection
  • Programmable multiple detection (Mask) zones for each camera
  • Audio recording trigger base on sound sensitivity level.
  • Support most popular P/T/Z Camera in the market.
  • Support Screen Snapshot
  • Send video lost notification through telephone or email
  • Support Alarm Notification while detected Motion.
  • Send Alarm trigger image by e-mail
  • Caption setup for email alert’s snapshot
  • Playback video records while monitoring
  • Quick Search and easy Zoom In/Out Control
  • Simultaneously playback recorded images in all/specific cameras according
    to event index or at specified period
  • Synchronize Video and Audio playback to one file.
  • Support Auto Shutdown/Reboot when user choose Exit
  • 5 ways Remote Watching software support:
    RemoteView, WebCam, Remote PlayBack, IP MultiCast, and Center
  • Webcam support Two Ways Audio Transmission.*
  • New Webcam support up to 16 video channels at same time.
  • New network bandwidth control for Webcam.
  • Multiple network card support – assign different network to different NIC card.
  • Enhanced WebCam password function & set time limitation for PTZ camera
  • WebCam accesses thru Windows Internet Explorer (for other OS or browsers support JpegView only)
  • Remotely View current screen over the Modem or thru the Internet (for single user only)
  • RemoteView control Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera/controllers by Modem or thru Internet
  • Remote Playback your video files thru Internet from client side
  • Remote Playback support downloading Audio over Internet
  • Automatically record images at remote site based on motion detection (Center)
  • Three security levels from the password account.
  • Hide your active camera from screen
  • Secure Login Protection to prevent unauthorized modification or access
  • Multiple users with password to view authorized cameras
  • Support Hardware Watchdog reboots – Avoid system lockup during an auto reboot.
Key features:


- User-friendly graphic interface
- Digital video recording
- Replace & enhance the existing analog tape system
- Multiple view up to 16 screens
- Sequence switch from one view to another
- Recording schedule: 24hr, motion detected schedule
- Remote live viewing
- Alarm events & recording
- Motion detection
- Prevent theft, vandalism & incidents
- Recycling data storage
- On-screen control of Pan/tilt/Zoom cameras
- Patent compression - military technology



Typical business and markets that require the needs of management video monitoring:

  Home environment
  Parking area
  Yard Activity
  Internet Cafe / Arcade Game Zone
  Conference room
  Building construction
  Military area
  Cashier Counter
  Shopping mall
  School / Campus Activity
  Hotel Counter
      and more...


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 when used with the VC050 Controller!