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        Self Recording Color Stealth Cam Mirror Hidden Camera

        A Fantastic New SleuthGear™ HVR Covert product! We have taken our SleuthGear™ HVR (hidden Video recorder) technology and integrated it into a special security mirror. This unique mirror is covered by a patented material which cannot be seen through by human eyes, yet the camera can see right through it. Making it virtually covert

        By using our SleuthGear™ HVR (hidden Video recorder) recording technology in our covert surveillance units, we have eliminated the requirement of additional recording equipment for a hidden camera system. Sporting Motion detection, MPEG 4, 30FPS, JPEG images for even longer record time, and Time & Date stamp. For ease of storage the SleuthGear™ HVR Covert system records directly to a SD card.

        SleuthGear™ HVR Covert Mirror Camera can be used for high level security applications or concealed monitoring applications. The suitable applications includes: bank, museum, convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations and home security.

        Mirror Camera
        Adjustable view angle
        82 FOV
        Color 420 TV Lines
        LUX 0.2
        3.6mm Lens
        12 volt DC power
        HVR Board
        Version 2.0, 30 FPS 320 x 240 - 640x480 video recording resolution up to 5 fps(1/2/3/4/5 fps) user selectable
        The motion trigger JPG up to almost 1 second a snapshot (Can be adjust -> SENSITIVITY -> HIGH -> FASTEST)
        Time & Date Stamp during Playback on Unit
        Video Format: MPEG-4
        Video Recording Modes: Manual / Motion Activation
        Playback Speed: 1x, 2x, 4x
        NEW Supports up to an 8 Gig SD Card
        Firmware Upgradeable via SD Card



        SleuthCam Mirror Covert Camera and DVR
        Qty: Price: $599.95

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